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Shipping a container from USA today is a highly efficient and almost mechanical process. All container freight companies must be licensed with the Federal Maritime Commission and adhere strictly to international regulations. All ports of call throughout the world operate under the same set of guidelines. In over 99% of cases, household goods and other cargoes reach their destination on time and undamaged. However, there are some things to watch out for when shipping container from USA.

The international container shipping industry is highly competitive. Both container freight companies and the shipping companies who operate the container vessels therefore must keep their prices as low as possible. Most do this without sacrificing service or safety, but some trim costs by cutting corners that may have a negative impact on customer expectations.

As a rule, the decision as to what vessel is going to ship a container from USA to a destination overseas is left up to the international container shipping company. Occasionally, a company will try to trim costs by choosing a vessel or shipping company that sails under a foreign flag that is hostile to your destination. If trouble erupts, the vessel may be refused entry into the port. Another possible scenario is that the company will choose a shipping vessel that has many ports of call before it reaches the customer's destination. In this case, the delivery time would possibly be significantly increased.

The only solution to either of these possible scenarios is to find out for yourself what vessel has been chosen and refuse to agree to it if you are in doubt. If you do this before any money has changed hands or contracts signed, there are many other container from USA container freight to choose from.

In the United States, land transport of goods will not be a problem. However, roads and vehicles in other countries may not be of as high a standard. It is best to make arrangements stateside for transportation of household goods from the destination port to the premises where the personal goods are going. It will probably cost more than getting competitive delivery quotes abroad, but it is a safer approach to take, especially if the customer is shipping a container from USA to an unfamiliar location. Needless to say, this is doubly true for a country whose national language is not English.

Occasionally, but rarely, things can go wrong, even if every possible precaution has been taken. For instance, recently two of India's primary international container shipping ports were closed indefinitely after two container vessels collided and spilled their cargoes. The closure affected hundreds of deliveries because officials deemed it necessary to make a thorough underwater investigation to be sure that the spilled containers did not pose any risk to passing traffic.

While accidents do happen, they are rare and it is likely that this incident affected less than 1% of the total international container shipping that occurred over that period of time. When you ship container from USA, you are shipping safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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